Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t snow very often here in the desert.  We may be lucky to get a few light snowfalls a year, just a few millimeters each, and lasting only a day or two before melting (or just evaporating!) away.  But this past week has been a different story!  We had almost non-stop snow for about three days straight.  Nice big, heavy, wet flakes of snow creating a winter wonderland!  It was beautiful, and I was reminded why people like snow! 🙂  (I am not a huge snow lover…mostly because I don’t like the cold that goes along with it!  I’m from the Canadian prairies, where cold is a given when there’s snow around!  Really, really cold!!  But there are times when snow wins my heart, and this was one of those times!)

Anyways, the snow provided some great opportunities to take photos that I normally don’t get a chance to take, creating scenes that we often don’t see in this part of the world!  I think these may be “once in about five years” kind of pictures!  But we’ll see!  Maybe next winter will prove me wrong! 🙂


Life must go on!  These ladies were trudging through the snow, carrying their bundles…off to I don’t know where, but they seemed to have a long walk ahead of them!


What kids don’t love to play in the snow??  Even big kids!  Especially when snow doesn’t come around very often (or stay very long)!


No sleds around here, so improvisation is called for!  It works.  Sort of. 🙂


Tracks through the snow…


When I saw my first donkey cart driving through the snow, I knew that I had to get a picture!  This was going to be the shot of the day, I thought!  I didn’t get a good shot of the first donkey cart we saw, so after that, we were on a mission!  To find the best donkey cart, in the best scenic spot!  These people made for a great shot, on their donkey…


Driving past…(Donkeys really can be quite cute, don’t you think?)


After driving some more, we found this path through the snow, which made for a lovely backdrop for this donkey cart driving away from us.


But then we found this spot!  And lo and behold, a donkey cart came driving towards us!!  Perfect!  I got a few great shots…


This one is my favourite of the day.  Beautiful scenery, a donkey cart in the perfect spot, great angle…love it! 🙂


Getting closer…

2016-02-02_0011And a quick look at the driver before she was gone.  She was a fascinating looking girl, with her face covered in what looked like soot.  She reminded me of a character from a fairytale…Cinderella perhaps, before her life becomes a fairytale?  The scenery was like it was from a fairytale as well, so who knows?  Maybe somewhere along the way, we really did enter a magical world!


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