I love photos with drama.  Dramatic light.  Photos that make you go, “wow!”.  So that is something I always aspire to in my photos.  Not every photo, of course.  Because not every photo is meant to be a “wow!” photo…sometimes understated is perfect and lovely in it’s own right.  But this weekend, I took some photos that, for me, are “wow!” photos. 🙂  (Can I say that about my own photos?!)

Our family went hiking and we got a later start than we had initially planned, but that was fine with me, because I knew that later in the afternoon, the light would be more suitable.  And sure enough, as the afternoon went by, the sun got lower in the sky, and the shadows got deeper.  Shadows on mountains are wonderful things.  They bring out the texture and the folds in the mountains.  Flat light doesn’t do much for mountains.  We were in a great spot, with some super cool rocky outcroppings, sand dunes, and mountains with amazing striations, and even holes in them!  It felt like we were on another planet, really!  And it made for some amazing photos…

For today, I’m just going to show you a few.  I may post some different ones another day.  But these were some of my favourites in black and white…








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