I feel like this bunch of images are rather disparate, without a real unifying theme tying them together.  Random.  Unconnected.  But they all came from a recent walk through the city I took.  So for me, that is what connects them.  Whether they are thematic or not, I hope you enjoy them! 🙂  We’ll just keep it focused on the images today, with a bit of commentary on each…


I love this one.  Just the simplicity and symbolism of it.  From darkness to light…


This one is so cute.  The big sister tenderly holding the hand of her younger brother, carrying his balloon in her other hand, against an amazing backdrop.  Heading home after a fun day.  A glimpse of tenderness and affection.


This was such a fun spot, with the repeating pattern of the doorways in the background, and then these little girls arrived and ran through and I love how I got them blurred as they ran past me.  I love her red boots too! 


A study in colour.  This one is…can you guess it?  Brown.


This one is different from what I usually shoot, I think.  A bit more urban, industrial in feel, but there was just something about how the three elements (turquoise window, orange electricity box and scooter) and the splashes of colour aligned that caught my eye and just seemed to work!


I loved how the colours of the doors and curtain were reflected on the wooden roof, so I shot this one vertical in order to capture those reflections.


This is the same scene, horizontally shot and in black and white.  I love all the interesting details.  Your eye just keeps wandering through the frame, taking it all in, exploring.


This shot didn’t work for me at all in colour, but in black and white it  became a study in textures and shadow and light.

2014-12-06_0001This is similar to a shot I had in my last post, but I love how this just focuses your attention on the crazy brick pathway, with other interesting details along the edges!

Let me know which is your favourite in the comment section!


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