Pitching Hay

Boy, we seem to have quite the agricultural theme going on here lately!  It is the season though, for farmers to be busy in their fields, the culmination of all their hard work through the earlier seasons.  But this too, is a season of hard work.  One of the hardest perhaps, especially in this part of the world where machines are few and far between and most field work is still done by hand.

The other day I was out doing a photo shoot with a friend, when we came across a lady pitching hay.  We were not out in the countryside, in fact, we were well within the city limits.  I’m not sure where the hay came from, but she was hard at work, pitching it into a large pile.  All I know is that it was for her sheep (which you can still find many of within city limits!).

She agreed to let me photograph her, and I got some nice shots of her hard at work.













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