A Colorful Harvest Time

This part of the world is very dry and therefore is great for drying food.  It is not uncommon to see bright red peppers hanging from a window sill as people dry their own stash for winter use.  The other thing that has been funny for us to see, is entire streets or sidewalks covered with food drying!  Peppers, dates, corn…it is not uncommon to see them stretching out for a kilometer or more, from curb to curb.  Quite the sight!

I love how colorful harvest is.  Bright reds, golden yellows, deep greens…harvest time is full of vivid color!

So enjoy the following pics of this year’s colorful harvest…

2014-11-01_0001From curb to curb, dates cover this city street as they dry in the fall sun.


A woman and her children work to move the dried dates from the street to waiting boxes and then they will be shipped around the country.


A close up of red dates.


Bright red peppers hang from an apartment window.


Corn dries on a sidewalk


Peppers piled…a lovely mix of red and green.


A woman holds a handful of dried peppers waiting to be sold at the market.


A work of art.


Corn dries on the sidewalk.




These melons are obviously not drying, but I loved how they just seemed to go on forever!!


More melons!  No shortage of them at the bazaar!


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