Experimenting with a New Camera

It’s been a LONG time since I got a new camera.  New, as in brand new.  Straight out of the box, straight from the store.  I’ve had a number of “new to me” cameras over the years, but I can’t remember the last time I bought a NEW camera!  So this was quite an event!  A brand new camera with up to date features and capabilities…it is wonderful!  The camera I chose is the Canon 6d, and so far, I am thrilled with it!

So in celebration of my new camera, I had to go out shooting of course!  One of the features I am most excited about with my new camera is its ability to shoot in low light, and it did not disappoint!  I was shooting til past dark with no problems at all!  Now granted, I am still figuring out what my limits are with the ISO settings, and some of the upper ISO levels did have some pretty significant noise going on when I got home and looked at the shots on my computer.  So now I know to lower my upper limit settings! 🙂  It’s a learning process when you get a new camera.  You have to figure it all out, how to use it, but also what it is and isn’t capable of.  But that’s part of the fun! 🙂

So here are some of the photos I took last night with my new camera!



















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