Food, Glorious Food!

If I had to list the things I love to do the most, #1 would probably be photography, but a close second would be baking, and sometimes cooking.  (Baking definitely comes before cooking! :)).  And if I’m honest, sometimes baking and photography switch spots too!

Moving to this part of the world where fruit is abundant and is eaten straight from the tree has been a revelation for me.  Before, I loved chocolate.  Chocolate anything!  When I baked a cake, it was pretty much guaranteed to be chocolate.  However, this past year I have begun a project to bake my way through the fruits of the seasons.  It has been so much fun!  Apricots, peaches, plums, pears, figs, pumpkin, apples… I think that they may have surpassed my love for chocolate!  (Is such a thing possible??).

But you are here because this is a photography blog, not a food blog!  So what is the connection??  I think my love of food makes me love photographing food!  I love finding stalls groaning with fresh fruits, or heaps of steaming samsas piled high, or fruits still on the vine, or in the hands…  There is a real beauty to the food we eat, and I love to capture it (not just in my mouth!) but through my lens as well.

Feast your eyes on these…

























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