Sacrifice and Festival

Recently the big festival was celebrated in our city.  It is a time of sacrifice, as every family must sacrifice a sheep in memory of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son (as told in the Koran and the Bible).  It is a time of tradition, of celebration, of sacrifice, of time with family and friends.  It is a time of eating, well, feasting, actually!  It is not uncommon to put on a few pounds during the week of the festival with all the visiting and eating that goes on!  The first day of the festival is celebrated with close family, the second day with close friends or more family, and then the rest of the week you keep moving outward amongst your circles of family and friends.  It can be exhausting for the introverts amongst us (yours truly!) and for the women who are at home most of the time cooking for all of those guests and hosting.  But it is a special time of year and their biggest celebration of the year.  New clothes are bought and money is given to children…it is definitely a festive atmosphere!

Here are some photos taken of festival this year:


Here the men gather to choose their sheep for their family.  It is a busy place!2014-10-10_0002

A black & white sheep awaits its fate.2014-10-10_0003

A moment of contemplation.  2014-10-10_0004

Tuckered out!  It’s hard work waiting to be chosen! 🙂2014-10-10_0005

All lined up looking pretty.2014-10-10_0006

The food!  A beautiful, bounteous spread waiting for guests to arrive.2014-10-10_0007

A local specialty.  So good!2014-10-10_0008

A very traditonal food served at Festival.  It is deep fried dough wrapped in this spiral shape.  Many families buy theirs at the local bakery, but this one was homemade by the matriarch of the family.  It is quite the feat, I think!2014-10-10_0009The sacrificial lamb.  Meat is served to every guest that arrives and must be partaken by all.

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