Architectural Details

I am not an architectural photographer by any means, that’s for sure!  I wouldn’t want to insult those who specialize in this demanding field of photography by comparing myself to them.  But I do enjoy unique and fascinating architectural details when I find them.  And so, of course, I enjoy photographing them too!

The other day we were in a town we hadn’t been to before, and although you had to look closely to find them, there were some amazing designs and doorways and buildings that could be found by those taking the time to look and see.

I will never forget a friend of mine telling me that the typical Islamic shape that you see in so many arches and doorways and windows is meant to represent two hands put together in prayer.  To me, that just made what was already a beautiful feature even more beautiful!  It is so much more meaningful when you know the significance of the designs.  I found many of these shapes in my walkabout, as well as many other fun features and shapes and doorways, so here are some photos of what I found…











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