Istanbul…Close up

Recently I was able to visit the magnificent city of Istanbul for the second time.  I actually found it somewhat difficult to photograph it this time around.  Part of it was the heat and humidity.  The thought of lugging my camera bag around on my back did not excite me at all.  Even when I did have my camera with me, it felt like too much work to take it out of the bag! 🙂  And then, this being my second visit to the city, I had pictures of all the iconic places already and just didn’t feel like taking pictures of the same things all over again.  So….what to do??

I decided to take a more “close up” approach to the city.  I shot details and close up shots of things that interested me and caught my eye.  It was kind of fun!  So here are some of my shots of Istanbul…close up.



4 comments on “Istanbul…Close up

    • Oh, you will love it! It is one of my favourite cities in the world!! The “Old City” (Sultunahmet) is a must, especially the Haggia Sophia. It is the most beautiful building I have ever been in…and I’ve travelled Europe and seen lots of amazing cathedrals/palaces, etc. It is awe inspiring. I also love the Spice Bazaar. It’s not as big as the Grand Bazaar, but has lots of character. A boat cruise/tour is also a great experience. I usually don’t go for “touristy” things like that, but in Istanbul, since so much of the city is based around the water, it really is worth spending the money on. Those would be my top recommendations. Oh! And eat lots of food! The street food in Istanbul is amazing…baked potatoes with loads of toppings, waffle cones with tons of toppings, donar, durum, freshly squeezed fruit juice, baklava, turkish delight…mmmmmm…so much to choose from! It’s a city that is just fun to wander and explore and see what you find! I hope you have a great trip! Come back and let me know how it was! 🙂

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