It’s Always Good to Learn and Grow as an Artist

I have been watching a video series lately called “The Created Image” by David DuChemin.  It is 14 hours of teaching on photography, creativity, the creative process – from beginning to end – from before you pick up your camera to the printing of the print and everything in between.  I have read almost all of David’s books, and thought I knew most of what he had to say, but apparently not! 🙂  This video series is phenomenal.  I am learning so much!  His discussion on creativity is worth the price of the series alone.  But there is so much more here too.

I have always enjoyed David’s books, and found him to be a great teacher, but he is even better “live”.  It is so great to see him talking through his process using real examples, to hear him and watch him teach and to hear his passions coming through so clearly.  It has been so great for me to work through this series.

As a result of watching the series, I have been going back to some of my photos and experimenting and trying some new things – especially on some of my landscape work.  It has been so much fun!  And I have come out with some work that I am really excited about!   Let me show you…

2014-07-28_0001 2014-07-28_0002 2014-07-28_0003 2014-07-28_0004 2014-07-28_0005

P.S.  If you are interested in purchasing the video series for yourself, you can find it at Craft & Vision’s website.  It is currently on sale for $50.


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