Mountain Women

The women up high in the mountains were so beautiful!  I walked around wishing I could photograph every single woman I saw!  Their features were so beautiful…especially their eyes…often they were striking and in unusual colours.   And they wore the most beautiful embroidered hats that suited them perfectly.  Often the hats were covered with a scarf.  I learned that if the scarf was white, it meant the woman had lost someone in her family, I think within the past year.  Their clothes were often brightly colored and patterned, as well as their jewelery.  Such lovely people!

I was so mad at myself when, on our last day in the mountains, the day that I went out specifically to photograph the women, my camera batteries died.  All three of them.  And for the first time ever, I hadn’t brought my charger with me, thinking I had enough battery life for our four days there.  Grrrr…. Lesson learned!!  Don’t leave home without your battery charger!  Ever!

Here are some of the photos I did get…but I didn’t get nearly enough photos of the women there and so I am seriously considering returning in the near future.  We’ll see what happens…


















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