A Few Good Men

There are a lot of good men here.  Men who love their wives.  Who love their children.  Friendly men.  Helpful, kind hearted men.  Men who love to tell a good joke and have a good laugh.  Men who work hard.  Men who have strong friendships.

Of course, there are men who are not such good men as well…as there are everywhere…and that is always sad to see.  But today, we’re going to focus on the good ones!

Here are some friendly men I have met recently…(as well as some of their workmanship…)


These guys were sitting outside of this shop (not sure who worked there…there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of work going on! :)), and they were curious to talk to a foreigner.  They were very friendly and funny!2014-07-05_0007

They kindly posed for a photo (or two…or three… :)).


This was inside a shop that sold carved wooden items (I know…hard to believe! :)).  I loved the pattern formed by the waiting wood.


Finished items waiting to be sold.  (I’m not exactly sure what they are!)


Rolling pins.  (And a few other things.)  And the owner/creator of the wooden goods.  (You can see the unfinished wood inside the shop).2014-07-05_0011This guy had such a friendly smile!  Such warmth in his eyes.


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