A few lovely women (and more!)

I was a little worried about taking photos today, as the sun was out full force and the sky a brilliant blue, which is lovely, but not usually the best light for taking portraits.  Thankfully the area I was walking through was full of covered alleys and darkened doorways, which provided the perfect light!!

So here are a few of the portraits from today as well as a few other random shots just for fun! 🙂


A woman with a sweet smile peeks out of her doorway.


Cookies straight out of the oven in a small bakery.


Ready to swat those pesky flies and mosquitoes!


I loved the red door, and then with the yellow bed and the blue 3 wheeler, it became a wonderful shot full of colour!


This big sister was taking good care of her younger sister.


Deep in conversation.


Lovely.  I love the contrast of light and dark in this shot!


She had lovely, and unusual for this area, eyes.  They were blue on the outer edge of the iris and gold on the inside.  Striking!  And such a pretty smile!

2014-06-29_0027I loved these doors, just propped up against a wall.  The area was full of construction, so not sure if they were waiting to be returned to a renovated home or what, but they were so full of lively colour, I couldn’t resist taking a shot! 🙂

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