The Emotions of Women (project:women)

It is time to post some photographs of women!  I have still been working on project:women and working at creating a body of work that represents the women of Central Asia well.  It is hard to say “This is the woman of Central Asia” because there is no such thing!  Just like there is no one woman of Canada, or the United States, or Europe, or…you get the picture.  The women of Central Asia are diverse.  Some are religious.  Some are secular.  Some dress conservatively.  Some push the boundaries.  Some are quiet and shy, others are loud and boisterous.  Some are sad.  Some are angry.  Some are full of joy.  Some are bored.

Just like all the rest of us…

I hope that my photographs give you a glimpse into the life of Central Asia women…in all their diversity, and most of all, I hope that I have captured emotion in the women I photograph.  And that that emotion touches you, and helps you to  feel with them…










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