Sharing the Love

I love photographing people.  I love taking portraits of people.  But I especially love capturing the relationships between people.  And people seem to really like looking at those types of photos.  I think we love seeing people showing love to others.  Maybe it’s our own need and desire to be loved that causes us to gravitate to images that show that.  But there’s just something lovely about a photo that shows people loving one another.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a bunch of photos of mothers and daughters showing love.  Well, today, it’s all about grandparents and grandkids and friendship.  We’re sharing the love today…


These two guys were so sweet.  I’m not sure if they were brothers or friends, but you could see that they really cared for one another.  I love how the little guy has his hand on the older boy’s stomach…such a gesture of affection.2014-05-25_0002

A band of friends pose for a photo.  They were all having fun! 🙂  And you can see how the older ones look out and care for the younger ones, and how the young ones look up to the older ones through their body language.2014-05-25_0003

Brothers stand in their doorway.2014-05-25_0004

These grandparents were sitting with their grandson on the side of the road, just hanging out, spending time together.  The love between them was obvious.  2014-05-25_0006

I love these photos of grandpa and his grandson.  You can just see the love and adoration in grandpa’s eyes.  The universal love of a grandparent for their grandchildren! 🙂2014-05-25_0007

So sweet!2014-05-25_0008This is a great portrait of the little boy, but I also love that I got grandpa’s hand too.  The hand of love, of care, of safety…cherishing, protecting, loving.


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