Life in the Country

I love exploring rural areas.  I think it is generally safe to say that country people are friendlier than city people (Generally!!  And I say that as a city girl!!).  And I often find that to be the case here.  The farmers and people from small villages are often thrilled to talk with me and are super hospitable and friendly and welcoming.  I often have great experiences with city people too, but I think often city people are just a bit more jaded, or sophisticated, or have just seen too many tourists to find another foreigner interesting! 🙂

So, for me, a walk through the countryside, or a small village, is great fun.  (Not to mention refreshing after living in the city and being inundated with city noises day after day…there’s just something about the peace and quiet…the birds singing, the leaves fluttering that is life-giving).

This past weekend I returned to one of my favourite areas.  I met some lovely people.  One donkey cart driver was a real card, and seemed to be really hamming it up for my camera! 🙂  Another lady was very sweet and had a lovely smile.  And I found some amazing tree lined paths and more green fields…another amazing day (despite the dust in the air…you’ll be able to see it in some of the photos!).


I love the diagonals in this photo.  But you can see the dust in the air.  Spring is dust season here!2014-05-19_0031

These tree lined paths are common in this area and I love them!2014-05-19_0032

A typical rural scene.  Farmers live in small villages and “commute” from there to their nearby fields…by foot, scooter or donkey cart!2014-05-19_0033


It is a very dry, dusty, rocky area, and the lush, green fields grow only with the help of irrigation.2014-05-19_0035

Women working in their rice fields.2014-05-19_0036


This guy was so funny!  He saw me with my camera and seemed to love being “in the spotlight”!  He posed for me and let me take a bunch of pictures.2014-05-19_0038



The donkey crossed right through the water!  The advantages of the donkey cart over the scooter! 🙂2014-05-19_0041

This lovely woman had such a sweet spirit.  She was happy to pose for me and I thought she had a lovely smile.2014-05-19_0042Then, I looked up and this other woman had jumped in to have her picture taken too!  I commented on their matching sweaters and they said they were sisters and neighbours!  Very fun!



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