Mothers & Daughters

I have been privileged lately to observe some beautiful mother-daughter relationships, and to see the love between them in action.

A precious moment of sharing secrets, a shared laugh, working together, and hugs and kisses…all speak of the strong bond and love that these mothers and daughters (and daughter-in-laws!) share.  And all are moments that I was able to catch on camera.

So in celebration of Mother’s Day, here are some photos that celebrate the love between mothers and daughters…


This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have lived together for eight years and seem to genuinely love and enjoy one another.  They work seamlessly together, in sync, with real camaraderie…visiting with one another as they cook…2014-05-10_0002

A young mom and her daughter share a cuddle as mom looks at her daughter with obvious affection…2014-05-10_0003

This next mom and daughter were so sweet.  Here, mom plants a sweet kiss on her daughter’s cheek…


And then they share a sweet moment of fun and laughter and you can just see the love between them.  This is my favourite picture! 2014-05-10_0005

As they cross the river to return home after working in the fields, mom gives her daughter a piggy back ride, and they laugh together as they cross through the cold water and mom tries not to drop her skirt into the water or slip on the slippery rocks and drop her daughter! 🙂2014-05-10_0006Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  May you enjoy your sons and daughters today as you share special moments and memories and celebrate the love you share.


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