“Secret” Gardens and reminders of home…

I have been exploring some new areas lately and have just been enjoying myself so much!  I love wandering around, seeing new things, meeting new people, having conversations and photographing the things that catch my eye.

But this area that I have been visiting lately feels extra special to me.  It reminds me a bit of home.  My husband and I lived on a farm back in Canada for 10 years, and this area brings back some of the sights, smells and feelings of being on the farm.  I love the rich, velvety green of the ripening fields, the whispering of the leaves gently blowing in the breeze, the green, earthy smell of the grass and the fields.

It makes me feel at home.

The area I have been enjoying lately is not too far from my home, and yet feels like it should be hours away.  I feel like I am entering a different world when I go there.  It is a farming area. As you enter the area, you walk thru roads that are bordered with many small plots of land with greenhouse like structures (although they lack covers…not sure if they cover them at certain times of the year??) and some have small orchards as well.  Many are lovingly and carefully tended to and are like secluded, secret gardens that any child would love to explore.  They are planted with things like cabbage and other vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Further on are the wide open fields with the larger crops like rice and wheat.  Here you pass over a small, muddy-watered river to get to the other side where the crops are.  Small pathways criss-cross the area and farmers toil in their fields.  It is a hard life, but the area is beautiful.  I had the privilege of visiting with a number of these hard working people who shared with me a bit about themselves and their life.  One farmer invited me back in July, when the walnuts and fruit would be ready and I could sample his produce!

Here are some (well, actually, lots!) of the images I have taken during the past few visits I have made to the area…


One of the “secret” enclosed gardens with a greenhouse-like structure on the right.2014-05-08_0007

Outside the gate looking in.2014-05-08_0008

Velvety green fields contrast with the naturally sandy landscape.2014-05-08_0009

The muddy river with sand colored cliffs in the background.2014-05-08_0010

Here a clear water stream flows into the muddy river.2014-05-08_0011

A small child amuses himself at one of the field as his parents work at the other end.2014-05-08_0012

It’s time to fertilize the rice!  They fertilize it three times during the growing season.2014-05-08_0013

His wife works in the background, pulling weeds and fixing the mud edges.2014-05-08_0014

You have to really “get into it”!2014-05-08_0015

2014-05-08_0016 2014-05-08_0017 2014-05-08_0018

The fertilizer, in its’ worn, well used container.2014-05-08_0019

Firming up the walls so all the water doesn’t escape from the field!2014-05-08_0020

It is back breaking work, bending over for much of the day, and this man was feeling it!2014-05-08_0021

Crossing the river to tend to her fields.2014-05-08_0022

Off to work…2014-05-08_0023

Winter wheat (I think!)2014-05-08_0024

A graveyard in the midst of the fields.2014-05-08_0025

Such lovely surroundings…2014-05-08_0026

A man tends his fields in lush greenery.2014-05-08_0027

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