The Accordian Player

It’s not often these days that you hear much about accordian players!  At least not in the circles I travel in (maybe I’m just in the wrong circles!! :)).  But lately, we have been treated to a couple of impromptu accordian concerts while visiting people.  It’s been really fun!  I had no idea that the accordian could be so beautiful.  I kind of associate it with wild polka dances and dosey-do’s, or something like that.  But these men played traditional folk songs from numerous countries, including Russian and Italian songs.  They were so moving.  You just got carried away by the music.

Here are some photos of our latest “concert”…

2014-05-04_0002 2014-05-04_0003 2014-05-04_0004 2014-05-04_0005 2014-05-04_0006 2014-05-04_0007 2014-05-04_0008 2014-05-04_0009

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