More Beautiful Women!

It was my husband who pointed it out to me.  He said, “You have lots of photos of older people and children, but not a lot of young adults, middle aged people.”  And he was right!  So we went out to find some “young people”!  Well, specifically, young women, as it fits in with my project:women.  I posted some photos the other day of some of the young women we found.  But here are a few more.  These lovely young women allowed me to photograph them.  And I think they are all very beautiful indeed! 🙂

My goal with project:women is to photograph women of all ages, all kinds of women, in all different kinds of circumstances, and to show the beauty of them all.  But it was good to add to the variety and get some photographs of some younger women!

2014-04-24_0001We saw this young woman sitting on her motor scooter on the side of the road visiting with a friend and she caught my attention, but I kept walking.  My husband stopped and asked me if I wanted to photograph her.  I did, but I was also feeling a little shy, or nervous, as it was my first shot of the day, and I always find that one the hardest (after that, it gets much easier…you get in a groove, in a rhythm, and it just starts to flow) so I hummed and hawed.  But I really did want to photograph her, so I finally worked up the courage, walked up to her, said hello, talked for a bit and then asked her if I could take her photograph.  At first she said no, but the friend she was visiting with encouraged her to say yes, so she did!  Yay for me! 🙂  She was great.  She also had the best smile…

2014-04-24_0002 The woman below was selling naan, and some really interesting looking naan!  It had spices sprinkled on top in a patterned design.  I had never seen anything like it before.  She said they made it in all kinds of different designs.  We could have it made however we wanted.  2014-04-24_0005

She shyly agreed to have me photograph her and I feel like I really captured her shy sweetness in the photo below.


This girl had the most amazing eyes!  She was gorgeous!  I photographed her from above and I feel it really captured her eyes to the best advantage.  Lovely!



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