I have been enjoying working on my project:women project.  (Is that a sentence??)  It has been so fun to get out and meet so many fascinating women.  It has really been pushing me out of my comfort zone, as I am naturally an introvert, so to go up to a stranger and initiate a conversation is never easy for me.  But having my camera with me somehow gives me the courage and confidence to do it.  And it is so worth it after I have stood talking with a new friend for a while and I walk away with a big smile on my face!  There are so many wonderful people in the world!  And my photography helps me to meet some of them.  And now I get to share them with you…


This girl was selling drinks at the market.  She had the hugest, prettiest smile.  It just lit up her whole face!  Unfortunately, when she got in front of the camera, she got nervous and the smile disappeared. 😦  But she is still lovely.  I love how her lips match her headscarf.  So pretty!


I met this woman when I recognized another woman I had photographed a couple of months ago.  I stopped to talk to her (as she recognized me too) and while we visited, I met a couple of her friends who were there.  This woman was sitting on her motorbike and I thought she had such lovely eyes.

And this woman (below) was a character!  She loved the fact I was photographing everyone…When I asked if I could photograph her, she leaned over to put her stick down, but I said, “No!  Keep the stick!”  I thought it added character and showed her as she really was.2014-04-19_0003


I love this next photo.  This woman was so shy, and I think I captured that in this photo.  When I talked to her, she couldn’t stop laughing, in a shy, embarrassed sort of way.  I don’t know if she didn’t understand me, or if she was just so amazed to be talking to a foreigner, or what, but she was very self-conscious.  However, she agreed to be photographed, and was very patient with me and allowed me to get in really close with my camera (which can be really intimidating!!).  I love the colours in this photo and the delicacy of her features mirrored by the delicacy of the flowers on the fabric hanging behind her and on her headscarf.


I approached this girl after seeing her in a covered courtyard.  I was captured by her beauty, and wanted desperately to photograph her, but was nervous to approach her (as you never know what reaction you will get from people).  I finally worked up the courage, and ended up having a lovely conversation with her!  She was super friendly and really got into being photographed.  She was a very willing model! 🙂  I found out over the course of our conversation that she was married, and when I asked her how long she had been married, she replied, “One week”.  Wow!

2014-04-19_0005So those are a few of the women I have met recently.  It has been such an honour and privilege to meet them!  I look forward to introducing you to more as I keep on working on this project!


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