The Potter’s Wheel

This isn’t the first time I have photographed this potter at this location .  It is a place that I LOVE to photograph.  The first time I photographed here, it was a different potter, in a different room, but the light…oh, the light!!  It was unbelievable and I could have stayed there all day photographing him.

Well, they are now working in a different room.  Not sure why, but this room was pretty amazing too.  I got some great shots that I’m really happy with.  It’s also inspired an idea for a new/another project. (Rabbit trail…I just read an interview with photographer Art Wolfe, and he said he always has multiple projects on the go…I love that idea, and it seems I am moving in that direction, with some really fun ideas going thru my mind lately of project ideas!)

But anyways, here are the photos! 🙂


The workshop, all ready to go!


The potter has arrived, and started his first project.  It will be a bowl when finished.




Adding water.


Finishing the edge.


A new lump of clay begins the process of becoming a bowl.


The hands and the wheel.






Enjoying his work!


Hard work!


The base that he puts the clay on in order to form a new piece on the wheel.

2014-04-09_0014The kiln and some in-progress and finished works.

It was fun to photograph this potter, and I’m sure I will go back sometime to photograph him again.  There’s something about photographing there that I just love.  I think it is the combination of great light and great subject matter.   That’ll get me every time! 🙂


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