Working Women

These photos are going back a few months.  I was going through some of my older work (well, not THAT old…just a few months ago, really) this afternoon, and came across these images.  For some reason, I had never processed them, and as I looked at them, I decided they deserved to be processed!  So here we are…

These women were hard at work packaging garlic.  There was garlic everywhere…all over the ground, in bags already packaged, and piled in stacks ready to be shipped.  These ladies had been hard at work!  They told us that they packaged the locally harvested garlic, which would then be shipped to other parts of the country to be sold.  They are typical of the women in this area…hard workers!  They are strong women, in every sense of the word…physically as well as emotionally.  Their life is hard, but they maintain a sense of humour and a joy in their work.  An inspiration…







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