An Unexpected Stop at the Market

When we were out last weekend, we made an unexpected pit stop in a small town.  Our taxi had an issue, and we suddenly had about half an hour to kill until we could continue on our journey.  So instead of sitting there doing nothing, my husband suggested we go check out this town’s Sunday Market.  What a great idea!  It ended up being a highlight of the day!

The market was just getting set up as we walked through, so it wasn’t at full speed yet, but it was fun to watch people setting up their stalls and to get to interact a bit with them before the crowds hit later in the day.  Plus, the early morning light was gorgeous, so I was thrilled! 🙂


At one point, I saw a small group of older men crouched around a fire, warming themselves.  They were all looking over at us (the token foreigners in the crowd!), and they looked friendly, so I headed over to check them out. 🙂  They welcomed me warmly, and started arranging themselves in groups to have their photograph taken.  They all had huge smiles and seemed to think this was all great fun, posing for various photos.  I realized after a bit that these men were barbers…outdoor barbers!  A customer arrived, then another, and so, slowly, the men returned to their work, but still welcomed me to photograph them as they worked.  It was great fun and I got some great images of these friendly men.







This entire market seemed to be filled with friendly people!  Everyone was warm and friendly and they were very willing to be photographed (which isn’t always the case!).




So, it was a fun morning, and I was sad when our taxi was ready and we had to leave.


7 comments on “An Unexpected Stop at the Market

    • You’ll be appalled…it’s not garlic…it’s fat mixed in with meat. They cut up meat and then cut up fat and add the fat into the meat and then wrap it in dough to make a “samsa”. If you like fat, it’s great…they say it adds flavour and it does make it juicy, but I just can’t get over the huge hunks of chewy fat chunks in each bite!! 🙂

  1. LOL! Ouch! Too funny. I do remember buying a kebab and the fellow did me the great honor of choosing to give me the one with the biggest chunks of fat. haha. Best roasted garlic I ever had was in the big market in Osh. That’s what your white blobs looked like to me. Ah well.

  2. Ah…so you have some experience of what I’m talking about!! 🙂 Yes, they do like their chunks of fat. The scary thing (for me!) is that my sons are getting used to eating them too!!! 🙂

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