project:women, 1st look!

I think this project idea really works!  Let me clarify.  If you are wanting some extra motivation, something to kick you out the door when you’re feeling apathetic and lazy, something to get you passionate again about photography, a project may be just what you’re looking for.

I’m amazed at how motivated and excited I am about my new project:women.  Just as I had hoped, I feel like I have something purposeful to photograph, something to focus on.  And I can’t wait to get out and find subjects for my project!  I am itching to get out the door and shoot!  I can’t wait to finish my other work so I can go out and photograph.  And the fun thing is that not only have I already got some good shots of women, but in the process of just being out and about, I have got other great shots that I wouldn’t have otherwise!  So it’s the best of both worlds…photos for my project, and other “random” shots as well!

So find yourself a photography project, get passionate, and get out there and shoot! 🙂

Here’s a look at the first shots from project:women…

2014-02-03_0013This friendly lady had a great smile.  She was standing there with her donkey and cart when I approached.  She got a little stiff when I pulled out the camera, so my friend started talking to her and this was the result…a great, genuine smile.


This woman was so lovely.  She had such a warmth to her.  She approached us and started talking with us and was genuinely friendly.  She let me photograph her as she talked, and warmly invited us to return.

Here are a couple more…I am still slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a “head on” shot, but I think these “action” shots show her character well…


And then there is this next woman.  I was walking by when I spotted her standing inside her shop.  She motioned me to come, saying “Come here”.  So I obliged!  She unwound her scarf so that it was hanging as you see here.  I guess she figured this was the look she wanted portrayed.  She was clearly inviting me to photograph her!  So I shot a few images, both in context, in her shop, and a few close ups as well.  I like them all, but I think this first one might be my favourite.  I caught this little girl in front of the store playing “hide and go seek” with her friend, and I think she helps make the shot!

2014-02-03_00192014-02-03_00202014-02-03_0021I’m going to save the rest of the shots that I took for another day…the “random” ones.  I’ll post them in a day or two.  Consider this your official “teaser”!  Stay tuned… 🙂

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