A project: Women

Awhile back I mentioned that I was wondering about starting a specific photography project, but was having trouble deciding what that project should be!  Well, I think I have finally decided on what I want to focus on.  My project is going to focus on women in this part of the world.   I know it is very loose, but I like that, cause it gives me lots of freedom to go in many different directions…young girls, young women, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, women at work, women of strength, portraits, candids…there are so many opportunities to explore!  I am quite excited about it!

I already love photographing women, as I enjoy interacting with them, as you know from previous posts, hearing a bit of their stories, getting to know them a bit.  It is a gift to be allowed to photograph a woman.  And so I am excited about the future of this project.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I am ONLY going to photograph women.  That would be too limiting for me.  I still want the freedom to shoot things that catch my eye and interest me.  But this gives me something to be working on on an ongoing basis.  So we’ll see how it goes!

So to start off this new theme, here are a few pictures of some women I met today…a few young “women” who were very excited to meet a couple of foreigners, and a lovely older lady.  She was very sweet.  She was working outside her house, and saw me approaching, so stood and walked towards me.  I said hello and we chatted for a few moments before I decided to leave and let her return to her work.  But as I turned to go, she grabbed my sleeve and pulled me back towards her house and continued conversing with me.  She called her grandson out and he acted as a kind of mediator/translator between us.  I speak a bit of her language, but it seems she must be slightly hard of hearing, as he often just repeated what I said, only louder! 🙂  I had my daughter with me and this woman was quite captivated by her, commenting over and over how pretty my daughter was.  We visited for a bit before we took our leave, with her inviting us in for tea, as her custom requires, but we politely declined and waved goodbye, with her inviting us to return.  It was a sweet encounter with a woman with a lovely smile.  I photographed her both smiling and more serious.  Which look do you prefer?  Feel free to comment below.  I am torn.  I don’t know which I prefer!


Sweet young girls who were excited to meet a couple of foreigners so near their home!



A lovely woman with a sweet smile.

2014-01-26_0002And a more serious side…


4 comments on “A project: Women

  1. wow. i’m excited about your project. i love your photography. deepsoul is the perfect name cause your photos always plumb the depth of humanity.

  2. Great work as usual Cheri. I love the project you are doing. I can’t wait to see more fantastic images of beautiful women.

    I love the serious image of the sweet lady. It’s absolutely stunning.

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