The Best of 2013!

Goodness this year has gone by fast!  It feels like just the other day I was writing the best of 2012.  And yet, when I look back at my pictures from this year, the ones from the beginning of the year especially, they feel like they were taken a lifetime ago!  Crazy how that works.  This year’s photos cover a pretty wide gamut…from Canada to SE Asia to Central Asia…there’s some pretty diverse images here!

It’s been a great year.  A year of lots of changes for our family personally, but it’s all been good.  We’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to some pretty amazing places and to live in other amazing places.

I’m feeling at a bit of a loss to know how to pick the best of 2013!  Because of the diversity, it makes it hard to narrow it down!  But I guess I’ll have to. (Sigh. :))  So, without further ado, here are…

The Best of 2013.

I’ve separated them into categories, as I did last year

1.  Best Canadian winter shot.

Well, I couldn’t choose just one.  So here are my top two…


2.  Best scenic shot.

2013-12-31_0012Who wouldn’t want to hang out here for awhile…

3.  Best “formal” portrait.

Again, I couldn’t choose just one.  Here are two very different feeling portraits…


4.  Best “street” portrait.

There seems to be a theme here.  I seem to have problems making decisions…


5.  Best “environmental” portrait.

What’s the difference between this and street?  I’m not sure, but it gave me a chance to put in another portrait! 🙂


6.  Best candid of a child.

This one makes me smile every time I see it…She was so cute trying to count…


7.Best captured moment.


8.  Best street photo.


9.  Best detail.

I don’t know what it is about this shot, but for some reason, it’s one of my favourites, despite its simplicity.


10.  Best door.

Of course, there had to be a “best door” category, cause you all know how I love doors!!  It’s quite miraculous I whittled this one down to just one choice!

2013-12-31_0004Oh!  I lied!  I just found another one that couldn’t be left out!

2013-12-31_0010But I guess we could call that one “Best scooter picture!”

11.  Best overall.

Well, this is my choice.  But what do you think?  Do you have a favourite here?  Or one that I missed?  Feel free to post your comments below!


Thanks to you all for so faithfully following my blog over this past year!  It’s a pleasure to have an audience to write and photograph for.  I often say to my husband that it seems a shame to take photographs and not have anyone to look at them!  Of course, I do it for myself most of all, for the love of the art and the craft, but really, without an audience to view what I’m creating, it all feels a little pointless.  So I am thankful to you all for being that audience that I can share my art with!

All the best to you in 2014.  Happy New Year!



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