Streets Exhibit Rich Culture

I always enjoy wandering the streets where we live.  They are full of such interesting architecture, people and…life!  Life here is pretty different from where I come from, and I love the rich culture here.  So many things are still handmade and have such intricate detail.  You can walk down the streets and see ironmongers banging pieces of steel into new creations.  You can see woodworkers planing and working their wood into beautiful wooden utensils and toys, full of intricate detail.  You can see coppersmiths carefully banging designs into their pieces.  So many crafts that have, for all intents and purposes, been lost in the West.  Lost to progress and speed and convenience.

The streets are also filled with people of magnificent character.  Old men sit about visiting with one another.  Long beards and high boots, caps or furry hats on their heads.  Faces etched with the lines of years of hard work and time in the sun.  Women watch their shops or their children, who race up and down the streets, laughing, chasing one another, full of fun.

Life is hard here for many people.  But it is also rich in culture.


Old men pass the time, visiting in the streets.2013-12-14_0002

I shot this last week, but went back to shoot it again, and try something different.  So here it is from another angle.  You can see another version here.2013-12-14_0003

My favourite snack!  It is kind of like a natural granola nut bar, without the granola!  There are different varieties…walnut, peanut with raisins (my new favourite!  It tastes like an Oh Henry without the chocolate!!), almond, and more.  I haven’t tried them all, but I will! 🙂2013-12-14_0004

Ironwork and tools on display on a brightly painted door.2013-12-14_0005

More intricately worked iron.  I’m not sure what these are, but they sure were beautiful!2013-12-14_0006

I love finding great textured things, and this wall is full of awesome textures!2013-12-14_0007

A spice seller.  He had all sorts of spices and teas and chilis for sale.  Cumin, saffron, ginger, and loads more, many of them unrecognizable to me!2013-12-14_0008

I love the way I captured these guys.  Each of them doing their own thing, and yet enjoying the community of being together.2013-12-14_0009A woodworking shop with their wares hanging for display and for sale.  From wooden posts to rolling pins to naan stampers (they stamp a design on the naan before it is baked, so it is beautiful as well as delicious!), they had all sorts of things to sell.

So as you can see, there is so much richness to life here.  Full of hard work, yes, but also an appreciation for beauty in everyday objects, which I love.

2 comments on “Streets Exhibit Rich Culture

    • My pleasure! I’m always happy to share what I see and love! I’ve found photography has really helped me to appreciate the culture here. It really helps me to get out and search for and find beauty.

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