Shadows and Textures

I love textures.  They convey so much character!  Combine that with colours that pop (in my opinion! :)), good composition, and you’ve got a great image!  All of the images below have some form of interesting texture that caught my eye. I was also taken with shadows the other day when I was out shooting.  I loved the interplay of the shadows and textures I saw on the walls around me.  There is such beauty around us, in nature, in everyday objects!  You just have to look for it…

11 23 2013 Tokusak-10


11 23 2013 Tokusak-14

11 23 2013 Tokusak-32

11 23 2013 Tokusak-13

11 23 2013 Tokusak-15 11 23 2013 Tokusak-28-Edit 11 23 2013 Tokusak-56


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