Camels, Melons and Sheep, Oh My!

Here are some more photos from the animal market from another trip on another day.  It’s a great place for photographers.  So much going on!  On this second trip we saw a herd of camels for sale.  Not every day you see that!

Here are some photos from the day…



This little guy gave me the sweetest smile from his truck full of melons…2013-10-04_0001


Busy negotiating camel prices2013-10-04_0005


Busy concentrating on that melon…2013-10-04_0006


Such austere, majestic looking creatures…2013-10-04_0007 2013-10-04_0008 2013-10-04_0009 2013-10-04_0010


Juicy sweet!2013-10-04_0011


There was just something about this guy’s face that captured my attention.2013-10-04_0012 2013-10-04_0013


And this sweet lady had the best smile!2013-10-04_0014


Waiting for customers…2013-10-04_0015


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