A Day on the Farm

My kids spent their early childhood living on a farm, so they’re always excited now when we get to spend time on a farm.  And this weekend was no exception.  We took a bus, then another bus, then a taxi two hours outside of our city into what felt like waaaaayyyy out in the countryside.  But it was lovely.  So peaceful and quiet…I had forgotten how quiet it can be in the country!  (We now live on a busy intersection in the city with traffic noises and numerous decibels of horns being blared and blasted all hours of the day and night, so quiet is not something we get much of anymore!)

We were hosted so warmly, had a wonderful lunch, then headed outside to see the family’s animals and fields.  We walked through the orchard, where we were able to taste pears, fresh off the tree; and lusciously sweet plums, ripened to a darkly jeweled purple.

We saw cotton growing…something I had never seen up close before.  It was really interesting to see how it grows.  It swells out of this tear shaped orb and blossoms like a flower, into equally proportioned, perfectly shaped sections.  But it made me think of the slaves in America years ago, and what a backbreaking, difficult job they had.

We saw corn, cobs full to bursting, silky wisps turned golden and purple.

We saw spiders and lizards and praying mantis’…a child’s paradise! 🙂

It was a day for detail shots!  And so, here they are…a glimpse into our day on the farm…


Fresh pomegranates, naan, more fruit and tea.



Perfectly ripe plums, bursting with sweetness…


Pears hanging, waiting to be picked…2013-09-16_0003

Corn, so lovely…2013-09-16_0006 2013-09-16_0007 2013-09-16_0008

And the cotton…




And the bugs… 🙂  Can you find the lizard?




And some beautiful desert flowers…


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