A Walk through Light and Shadow

A number of years ago, I saw a book with this place on the cover and it immediately intrigued me.  It was such an amazing place, with trellises and grape vines completely covering the road.  Such a unique place!  So beautiful!  Little did I know that I would someday get to see it (and photograph it!) for myself!

It is an amazing experience to walk underneath these beautiful vines and trellises.   The sun beats down, hot on your back, until you enter the covered roads, where you find yourself mercifully sheltered from the sweltering heat by the coolness of shade and gentle breezes as you walk in the shadows of the vines.  You look up and see grapes hanging in huge clusters.  You look down at your feet and see patterns of lines and stripes, light and shadow, created by the shadows thrown down by the sun.  A walk to remember…







The lines and shadows were just crying out to be converted into black and white!


After walking through the trellises we decided to hire a cart and take a drive through the countryside…The roads were bordered by more grape vines all along!


A house surrounded and encircled by grape vines.2013-09-03_011

And then we were lucky enough to get to sample the grapes ourselves.  Straight from the vine…Yum!


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