Market Day

Markets are always interesting places to visit, and this one was no exception!  I am loving our new city, because it is so easy and quick to get out into the countryside, to smaller villages, where life is in some ways simpler, in some ways much more difficult.  It is certainly very photogenic!  In many ways I can’t imagine living in these rural areas…no indoor plumbing, no running water, limited selection of groceries…I am too much of a spoiled city girl!  🙂  But I do love visiting!  In some ways it’s like going back in time.  And there is always so much to see.  It really is interesting.  Not just seeing rural life, but rural life in another culture.


I’m not sure what these straw mats are for, but I’ve seen them on the sides of roads all rolled up and laid out like this and they are very picturesque!2013-09-01_002

Loads of hay ready to be sold.  My husband thought it was feed for cows, but it turns out it is for roofing houses!2013-09-01_003

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing donkey carts driving down the street or through the village (or through the hay!)2013-09-01_004

Hay sellers.2013-09-01_005

The animal market area.  Definitely an area dominated by men.  I love the lines and circles in this photo…the lines of wood pointing to the round hats on the men’s heads.  2013-09-01_006

This photo and the next one are of a man selling baskets on the side of the road.  I had been wanting to buy one of these baskets for awhile now, but couldn’t find them.  So I was very excited to find him and his baskets, and proceeded to very excitedly purchase one of them!  And he very kindly posed for a couple of photos for me…picking up his baskets to hold as props! 🙂  Perfect!2013-09-01_007

My husband met this lady and was having a nice conversation with her when I came along and had to have a photo of her!  What an amazing face.2013-09-01_008

I saw these two men in the street and loved watching them.  I’m not sure if they were just greeting one another, or if they were finalizing some kind of deal, but it seemed very intimate and heartfelt how they stood there with both hands clasped together.  2013-09-01_009

Then we were off to the vegetable market where the produce was so bright and colourful.2013-09-01_010 2013-09-01_011

This bag of peppers came to about 18 cents American!  We’re not sure how farmers make any money here!2013-09-01_012In this same market area there were the most amazing grape vine trellises over top of the street, but I am going to save that for another post!  You’ll have to check back later to see those… 🙂


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