The Mystery of a Door

There is something about doors that beckons to us.  There is a sense of mystery to them.  A closed door invites the imagination to wander…What is behind the door?

Perhaps it’s the sense of adventure…think “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, where the door of the wardrobe led to a new world.

Perhaps it’s just wondering how other people live?  What would we find if we opened that door?

Perhaps it’s a sense of new beginnings.  We wonder if we had opened a different “door” in our life, where would our lives be today?  Can we open a new door now?  Open a new chapter of our lives?  Start afresh?

Or perhaps it’s just the beauty we see in an intricately carved door.  A beautifully painted door.  We love beauty.

I don’t know what it is, but doors seem to be a common theme amongst photographers, and I am no different!  I love interesting doors!

So here are a few recent photos of doors in many forms, some on their own, some with people…Which is your favourite?

2013-08-29_001 2013-08-29_002 2013-08-29_003 2013-08-29_004 2013-08-29_005 2013-08-29_007 2013-08-29_008

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