Chaos Reigns at the Animal Market!

Greetings everyone!  Sorry for the recent silence.  We just undertook a big move to a new city, so life has been caught up in packing, moving, unpacking, shopping for needed items, and just plain settling in.

So today was the first day that my camera made it out of its bag!  We decided to leave the unpacking and head to the animal market to take a look around.  It is a fascinating place full of activity (aka chaos!).  Sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, horses and more pack the space and people fill in the gaps.  Along the edges of the market area are stalls cooking and selling freshly made soups, noodles and rice dishes and on other sides are stalls selling any accessories you may need for your new animal purchase…new ropes?  Halters?  Bells?  Outside the market area you can purchase feed, get your horse or donkey’s shoes shod or maybe buy some fruits or vegetables for yourself.  But look out!  Or you may get run over by a 3 wheeled cart or a truck hauling in a load of animals!  There is no special “road” or “sidewalk” here!  Everyone shares the same space, so watch your step and keep your eyes peeled!

It was a fun morning and we enjoyed the hustle and bustle, watching the haggling and intense bartering sessions that were going on as people sold the merits of their animals to potential buyers.

So here are some pictures from today…

2013-08-25_006Here you can see the busy-ness of the market.  Although I didn’t get the vehicles driving up this empty space in the middle of the photo, which they usually were!

2013-08-25_009Moving cattle.  Being a bit of a farm girl myself, I know how precarious a job this can be!  Cattle definitely have minds of their own and don’t always like being co-operative!

2013-08-25_010There were lots of sheep!  These ones wait patiently to see their fate determined.

2013-08-25_005I loved the symmetry of the sheep all tied up in lines!

2013-08-25_004This man was so cute sitting with his sheep. 🙂

2013-08-25_007Intense negotiations for the donkey until a deal was sealed.  Then hands were shaken and everyone was all smiles.

2013-08-25_008“Tell me about your horses”.

And then there were the food stalls…these were my favourite places to photograph…

2013-08-25_003Juice anyone?  (I think it was some kind of date juice…I didn’t try it. :))


This one is my favourite…there’s so much going on here.  I love the guy making noodles in the back with a big smile on his face!

2013-08-25_001Serving hot soup.

So there you have it!  Which photo was your favourite?


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