Change of Pace

Well, we can’t stay at the beach forever! 🙂  (As much as we might like to…)  So I thought it was time to post something different.  We’ll go back to the beach, don’t worry, as there’s still lots more to post, but I thought today, we’d go back to my last trip that I did in May.  I never finished posting about that trip before we headed off to paradise! 🙂

So today we are going to visit a fabric market in Central Asia.  I loved watching this gentleman in his fabric shop as he interacted with his many customers (mostly women), as he measured, contemplated, made calculations and cut fabric.  He seemed a sweet man.  And, photographically speaking, the light was amazing.  So I hung around here for awhile til my friend pulled me on, and I moved, reluctantly, to other things.

So here he is, along with some other photos from the fabric market…


I especially love this series in black and white…







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