Re-working a Photo

Do you ever go back and re-work a photo?  In post processing I mean.  I posted  a few pictures the other day that I thought I was really happy with, but after looking at them for awhile, found aspects of them that bothered me.  The skies had lots of banding in them and they looked over-worked.  I’m not a fan of photos that look really over processed, so that made me take another stab at them.  I have to admit that I originally used a number of presets on them, and I think this is what contributed to the over-processing.

So this time I decided to try to do all my work in Lightroom and see if I could re-create the look of the presets, without presets!  And you know what, I pretty much did!  (Although I did take it into Nik Software’s Viveza to do a little bit of the work).  In fact, now I think it looks better!  (Well, of course, that is what I was aiming for!)  There is now no (well almost none…there still seems to be a small amount) banding in the skies, the colour is better and it looks cleaner.

I also learned a lot while doing it!   I think it’s actually a good exercise to use a preset(s) on a photo and then see if you can re-create it within Lightroom (or Photoshop or whatever you use).  You’ll learn a lot about what is possible, and how to use the tools that are available to you within the software.  What I did was:  I changed the temperature settings, clarified, contrasted, used the Split Tone panel and used my brushes to apply localized changes, amongst other basic things.  I am amazed at what I learned by going through the exercise, and I’m happier with my images.

So here they are…the finished product!  You can go back here to see the previous images to compare.  And let me know what you think!  Which do you prefer?

2013-08-03_001 2013-08-03_002 2013-08-03_004


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