The Most Beautiful Beach in the World

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful you felt like you were dreaming?  Like this couldn’t be happening to you?  Like, “Am I really here??”  Have you ever looked around and felt like you were in something out of National Geographic or a beautiful travel magazine?  Well, that’s how I felt when I visited the beach in these photographs.  I was pinching myself.  I kept looking at my husband and saying, “Can you believe we are really here?!  This place is like something out of a magazine!”  And to top it all off, we were the only people there, other than the people in charge of the place.  The park rangers, so to speak.   And the occasional fisherman.  Or spear fishermen (and women!).  Speaking of which, we did see some spear fishermen and women go out one day.  They had no equipment beyond a face mask and a spear.  They swam out and were gone for hours.  Talk about endurance!  And persistence.  And being in shape!  It was pretty neat to see them.  Wish I could have seen them come back to see what they caught, but we left before they returned.

Back to the beach…we did some amazing snorkelling here and saw all sorts of things…many of which I don’t know the names for.  Starfish – bright red and electric blue (who knew they even came in such colours!), lionfish, eels, tropical fish of all shapes, sizes, colours and designs.  So beautiful and diverse.  It was such a gift to be there and experience it all.

We spent a fair bit of time here as we absolutely fell in love with the place.  It was hard to leave on the last day…

2013-07-27_001 2013-07-27_002 2013-07-27_003 2013-07-27_008 2013-07-27_009 2013-07-27_010 2013-07-27_011 2013-07-27_012



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