Life in the Rice Paddies

Life in the rice paddies looks difficult.  Backbreaking labour in the heat and humidity…it can’t be an easy life.  And yet the beauty of it is breathtaking.  The lush greenery, the brilliant colour, the symmetry, and the backdrop of palm trees all make for an amazing landscape.  But do the people whose home this is see this?  Or do they just see the drudgery of daily hard work that never ends?  These are people who are very poor, and yet, they had a radiance to their smiles that was enviable.  They exude a joy in living that I would aspire to.

Here are some of the photos I took of the rice paddies:

2013-07-21_001 2013-07-21_002 2013-07-21_003 2013-07-21_004 2013-07-21_005 2013-07-21_006 2013-07-21_007


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