Environmental Portraits in Central Asia

It’s always great to get some context when you are photographing people.

To see where they are, their surroundings, what they are doing…to learn a bit about their life from what is around them.  I love a simple isolated portrait, but there’s something about getting to see more of the environment that can give you a lot more information and make a photograph that much more interesting.

We like to see a world that is different from ours, to see how other people live…and an environmental portrait helps you do that.

So here are some environmental portraits taken on my latest trip in Central Asia…

2013-06-10_001 2013-06-10_002 2013-06-10_003 2013-06-10_004 2013-06-10_005 2013-06-10_006 2013-06-10_007


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