The Sweetness of Innocence

I love photographing children.  There’s something about their innocence, their playfulness, their warmth, their willingness to engage with others that is very endearing.  Children are often very open to being photographed, and willing to interact with you, which can make for a very fun (and often funny!) time!  Or sometimes they can be shy and reserved and be some of your toughest subjects!  It can go either way.  But I love it when I can win over a reluctant subject, although sometimes their look of hesitation can make a sweet photograph too.

Here are some of my recent fave photos of kids…

2013-06-08_004 2013-06-08_007 2013-06-08_008

2013-06-08_009 2013-06-08_010 2013-06-08_011 2013-06-08_012

3 comments on “The Sweetness of Innocence

  1. Reblogged this on GoStepAway and commented:
    I love children’s look. Their pureness make them so lovable. I know there are some people who don’t like children, but, I love them!!!!

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