First Published Photo and free gift!


I am back from my trip (just yesterday) but before we get to that (in subsequent posts), I have exciting news.  I have had my first image published in a magazine!  I am very excited.  You can find it in the publication “Travel Longer” in the current May 2013 issue.  The only “catch” is that you have to have an ipad to view it, as Travel Longer is currently published solely for the ipad (although they are working on moving to new formats as well…very exciting!).

My image can be found near the end of the magazine in the “snaps” section, but there is also an amazing interview with professional photographer Ami Vitale…it is well worth getting the magazine just for that alone!!  And of course, much more!  It is a great magazine filled with amazing photography, interesting interviews with travel/documentary photographers, and articles by and about those who are traveling, usually for longer periods of time.

Now here’s the really exciting bit for you!  If you want a free three month subscription to Travel Longer, head to the ipad’s app store, find Travel Longer, and using the code “tbex“, you will receive a 3 month free subscription.  The only catch is, I believe this offer ends today, so go now!  Act fast!  And get your free three month subscription.

You can see my photo below, on the far right…



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