Team Work

I love working with my husband.  He is not a photographer, but he is an amazing people person, and he makes a great partner for me in my work.

I find it really works well to take another person with you when you go out to photograph, as they can talk with your subject, helping them relax and feel comfortable, while you are photographing.  This is often a great way to get really genuine smiles and laughter from people, and in a way that you are actually able to photograph, because if you are the one having a genuine conversation with them and making them laugh while talking to them, you often miss the shot, because your camera is at your side instead of in front of your face ready to shoot!  (Because, let’s face it, it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with a person with a camera in front of your face!)  However, having a partner doing the talking doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be interacting with your subject as well!  I strongly believe that people are giving you a great gift by allowing you to photograph them, and you need to honour that gift by treating them with great respect and kindness as you interact with them.   You are not there to just shoot photographs and move on.  You are there to learn and be enriched by your interaction with this person…and hopefully your subject will feel the same about you…not that they have been taken advantage of or disrespected or dishonoured.

As an aside, I don’t think you have to have a partner, or that you can’t get good shots without one.  Most of the photographs I take are done while I am on my own, interacting with people by myself.  So it is not impossible to have meaningful interactions with people by yourself.  That is certainly not what I am trying to say!  But I do think it can be easier with a partner.  And it can take the pressure off of you to do everything!  But what are your thoughts?  Do you work better by yourself or with a partner?

I think my husband and I make a great team.  He is great at initiating conversations with people and making people feel comfortable, and that allows me to get some great shots, and to enjoy our time with new people!

Here are some results of our team work from the other evening…

2013-05-18_002 2013-05-18_003 2013-05-18_004 2013-05-18_005 2013-05-18_006I will be leaving early next week on a week and a half long journey to some new places that I will be very excited to share with you when I get back!  I’m not sure how great the internet connections will be while I am away, or how much time I will have, but if I have time, I will try to post.  If not, look for some new images from my trip in a couple of weeks!

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