Prints for Sale!

rgb_blue.jpgI am very excited to announce the release of my new and improved website!  I revised the entire site…updating layouts, adding and removing images to best reflect my work.  I also added my new logo, designed by Richelle Starke of Starke Creative while I was home in Canada, and which I love!  (Thanks Richelle!)  It’s got a few variations, and I love the flexibility of having options!  And finally, it is now possible to order prints directly from my website!  I am really excited about this, as it will allow anyone who is interested to purchase from me.  Prints will be printed by a reputable lab, and shipped directly to you.  You will find them on the gallery and individual photo pages.

So, go check it out at!

Another exciting development is the addition of my prints at Fine Art America.  I have uploaded some of my best work and you can find me there by searching for me by name (Cheri Magarrell) or clicking hereMy prints are also for sale there, and the benefit there is the ability to order unusual sizes, to have matting and framing included with your order, to order metallic or canvas prints, and/or greeting cards.  So the sky is the limit! 🙂

Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up as followers of my blog and who have “liked” my posts and images.  I appreciate it so much!  Your support and encouragement means a lot.


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