Photography Lesson

Yesterday was my son’s first official photography class.  Well, as official as it can be with your mom as your teacher! 🙂  We talked about ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed and how they work together and the effect of each on a photo.  We talked about shooting from all different angles to really find the best view of your subject.  It was really fun!  It was fun to have someone to go out shooting with!

Here are some of my shots from the day:


There’s something about the simplicity of this that I just love.


Here’s my special student hard at work. 🙂


Playing with my Lensbaby lens.  I find it hard to nail the focus with this lens, but when you get it, it makes some cool shots!


Beautifully colored fruit.


This little guy talked my ear off!  He wanted to know which of the fruits in the fruit stand we have in my country, so we had a big long discussion about that! 🙂


These sweet girls walked past me and we were both fascinated with each other (well, they were probably more fascinated with my teenage son! :)) and we both turned back.  They were happy to pose for me and had such sweet smiles.  If anything, I wish I had taken more time to pose them in a better location.  Next time…we have to learn from our mistakes…


This guy was working the local kebab stand and wanted me to take his picture.  I’m happy to oblige!


I love watching them make kebabs!  It is quite a neat process.


Here he sprinkles salt on the kebabs.


The kebab stands are so ornately decorated.

2013-05-11_011So there you have it.  These are, really, some of the first photos I’ve posted since being back here in Central Asia.  And we’ve been back for about two months!  I need to get out more! 🙂


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