Girl with a Pearl Earring, Photography Education & more!

Have you seen the 17th century painting by Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring?  It is one of my favourite paintings.  I love the simplicity of it, the lighting, the expression on her face…everything.

Today I took some photos and one of them kind of reminds me of Girl with a Pearl Earring.  Maybe it’s just the fact that my subject is wearing a headscarf, maybe it’s the direction of her gaze…whatever it is, I quite like this photograph.  You’ll find it below…

I haven’t been out capturing images very much lately…my life has just been busy with everyday stuff, and I guess I just haven’t made it a priority.  I DO however have plans to travel to an amazing town in the next few weeks, if all goes well, and then I should have lots of great images to share with you!

I have also been doing lots of reading online lately (about photography of course!).  I, as always, love reading David DuChemin‘s blog and his great collection of ebooks available at Craft & Vision. If you are looking for some amazing photography education at a really great price, check out Craft & Vision.  Their ebooks sell for $5 each.  And they are really well done…on all different subjects.

I also came across a new online magazine, published exclusively for the ipad!  It is called Travel Longer, and it is all about longer-term travel.  If you have an ipad, go to the app store, and check it out!  It’s well worth it!  Or follow the link to check out their website.  There are great articles, photos and some amazing interviews with well known photographers such as Steve McCurry (of National Geographic fame) and Ami Vitale, another well known travel/documentary photographer (whom I also really admire!).

So, there you have it!  Lots of great links to some great photographers and resources.  Now you can go snuggle up with your computer and enjoy some great photography related reading! 🙂

And here is my “Girl in Headscarf”, which reminds me of Girl with a Pearl Earring.  What do you think?

Girl with headscarf

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