Best of 2012, In honour of the Oscars…

One of my favourite posts was at the end of 2011 when I prepared a “best of 2011” of my favourite photos of the year.  I had hoped to do it again for 2012, but somehow just never got it done.  So, I figured with it being award season, and with the Oscars coming up, that this was a good time to post my own little “award show” of my photos from 2012! So here goes! 🙂

To make this “best of” list a little more interesting, and in the spirit of the award shows, I’m going to put the photos into categories.

Here are the “winners” of each category:

Best in “Motion”:  It’s a tie!


2013-02-18_009I love the motion in this one…very unique!

Best in “Detail”:  I love the rugged look of these old boats!


Best in “Nature”:

2013-02-18_007A rock and water.  Very peaceful.

Best in “Humour”:

2013-02-18_001What can I say?!  I love the humour of this shot.

Best in “Location Shot”:

2013-02-18_012Reminds me of old romantic photos of Europe.

Best in “Portrait”:  A 3 way tie for this category…

2013-02-18_017           Sweet innocence. 2013-02-18_014           A lovely lady. 2013-02-18_013                                   Such sweet character captured here.

Best in “Texture”:

2013-02-18_003Love the different textures in this shot.  Adds such interest to the shot!

Best in “Colour”:  Another tie…

2013-02-18_005 2013-02-18_006

Best in “Night Photo”:

2013-02-18_008Love the reflection of the lights moving on the water in this one.

Best in “City”:

2013-02-18_010I just blew this up to a 20×24 print for a friend and it was amazing!  It looked so crisp and detailed.  Lovely…

Best in “Relationship”:

2013-02-18_011I love the friendship and emotion captured in this shot, even though you can’t see their faces.

Best in “Dramatic Lighting”:


Best in “Capturing a Moment”:

2013-02-18_015 The “definitive moment” captured.2013-02-18_004A totally different kind of moment, but here a peaceful moment is captured.

So what do you think?  Which one should win for “Best of the Year”?  Cast your vote in the comment section below!


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