The Blessing of Friendship

One of the blessings in life is good friends.  As a parent, even better is good friends for your kids.  The photos today are photos of good friends of our family.  Their kids and our kids really click.  As my friend (pictured here) said,

I was reflecting on our kids the other day 
and realizing that it's very unique to have another
family where the kids connect so well.  We never 
get 4 out of 4, [and only rarely have] found a family
where 3 out of 4 connect so very closely.
It truly is a blessing.  We are so thankful for them and the many other friends
we have connected with while we've been home.  It has been so awesome for our kids to
get to spend time with their kids and build a deeper bond with them.

What fun to get to photograph this family whose love just shines through them all.  
They are a close knit family who have a strong bond.  You can just see it in the 
way they relate to one another. They love to laugh and have fun! They are a joy to 
be with and have been a real encouragement to us!

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