The Loneliness in a Stem of Grass

I can’t say I’m one for plant and flower photography.  I can admire a nice shot, but it’s not something that I long to shoot myself.  I don’t know why.  I guess I just really love people photography.  I enjoy meeting people, capturing people’s personalities…moments…catching a glimpse of what’s inside a person…the “real” person deep inside.  But I do also enjoy landscapes, and places, as you often see here on the blog.  Really, almost anything can interest me photographically, I guess!  Because after saying I don’t really like plant and flower photographs, what am I posting today?  Yep, photos of plants and flowers!

Because as I said the other day, they do give you a sense of a place.  Every place has it’s own native plant life, and it’s very unique.  So to give you a sense of the place where I am now (the prairies), I thought I’d post a few shots of prairie plant life.

I like the atmosphere evoked in some of these images too.  Some of them have a sense of loneliness and desolation to them.  Others make me think of resilience and strength and hope.

And I guess, ultimately, that’s what I love about photography…how an image of “just” a plant (or anything else) can cause us to feel something.  And that’s always what I’m aiming for…is to shoot images that bring about emotion in the viewer.

So let me know what you think…what emotions or thoughts are stirred in you when you look at these images?

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